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Mighty Paw

Mighty Paw Yak Chew

Mighty Paw Yak Chew

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Mighty Paw’s Yak Cheese Dog Chews are edible, all-natural dog chews that are sourced in Nepal and hand-inspected in our HQ here in Rochester, NY. The cheese sticks are made with only 3 ingredients - yak & cow milk, salt and lime juice - and don’t contain any added flavors! That makes them fully digestible, lactose-free, grain-free, gluten-free, chemical-free, preservative-free, mess-free, smell-free, and - most importantly - guilt-free! And just in case you’re wondering: It’s the curing process that removes the lactose from the milk. Benefits: Long-lasting Boredom buster Offers anxiety relief Promotes oral health Supports muscle growth & bone health Great for dogs with chicken, beef, pork & grain allergies Features: 100% all-natural Hard consistency Limited-ingredients Chemical-and preservative-free Odor- and mess-free No added flavors Rich in protein and calcium Sourced in Nepal Hand-inspected in the US

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